Top YouTube Shorts creator to inspire you

Article last updated on:
February 29, 2024

Launched in 2020, the YouTube Shorts platform has quickly become a popular avenue for both new and established creators to showcase their talents in less than 60 seconds. From artists and dancers to comedians and educators, this continually growing list highlights some of the top YouTube Shorts creators who can inspire you with their creative and engaging content.

Top YouTube Shorts creator to inspire you

The Korean Vegan - Joanne Lee Molinaro

Incorporating meaningful stories with plant-based cooking, Joanne Lee Molinaro, also known as The Korean Vegan, is an exceptional creator on the Shorts platform. As a lawyer by profession, she combines her love for food with her talent for storytelling. Each video presents not only delicious vegan recipes but also valuable life lessons and personal growth anecdotes. Journey with Joanne through different narratives while learning how to create mouth-watering vegan dishes.

Vegan Recipe Inspirations:

  • Maple Miso Eggplant
  • Bulgogi Jackfruit Tacos
  • Korean Braised Potatoes (Gamja Jorim)
  • Mushroom Street Toast


Rome, or AnArtistNamedRome on YouTube Shorts, is a talented illustrator who shares his incredible art projects while providing helpful tips and techniques. With extreme attention-to-detail and intricate designs, Rome's YouTube Shorts are relaxing and inspiring breaks from the daily grind. Watching these videos encourages aspiring artists to pick up a pencil or brush and start creating.

Art Tips to Take Away:

  • Blending techniques for colored pencils
  • Practicing brush ink calligraphy
  • Tips for drawing fur on animals
  • Different methods of shading your drawings

Justina Blakeney

Celebrating creativity with her jungalows, DIYs, and home décor inspiration, Justina Blakeney is a lifestyle content creator offering high-quality video content on YouTube Shorts. Combining bohemian aesthetics with an artisan touch, Justina shares interior design ideas guaranteed to make any living space feel warm, cozy, and unique.

Home Décor Ideas:

  • Creating your own statement wall
  • Transforming thrift store finds into stylish pieces
  • Organizing spaces while adding visual interest
  • Incorporating plants in decorating small spaces

Nathan Davis Jr.

As a talented actor, singer, and dancer, Nathan Davis Jr.'s content showcases his multiple talents and charismatic personality. His videos are often humorous and entertaining, featuring choreographed dance routines, comedic sketches, and vocal performances. Following Nathan Davis Jr. will definitely add some positivity and laughter to your day!

Entertainment Videos:

  • Funny skits involving pop culture references
  • Choreographed dances to trending songs
  • Vocal covers of popular hits and original compositions
  • Motivational talks about pursuing dreams and overcoming challenges

Dobretwins - Marcus and Lucas Dobre

Identical twin brothers Marcus and Lucas Dobre, also known as the Dobretwins, share a YouTube Shorts channel full of energetic and engaging content. From acrobatic stunts and trick shots to lighthearted pranks and lifestyle vlogs, the twins' close relationship shines in their videos, providing viewers with a refreshing dose of positivity.

Twin Content Highlights:

  • Entertaining challenges and competitions
  • Acrobatics and gymnastic showcases
  • Fun family outings and adventures
  • Celebrations of special milestones and events

Study To Success - Estelle

Estelle, the mastermind behind Study To Success, is an education-based content creator whose short videos cover studying tips, productivity hacks, and organization ideas. With a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, her shorts are visually appealing while offering useful advice for students and professionals alike.

Study Tips and Tricks:

  • Note-taking methods for efficient learning
  • Creating aesthetically-pleasing study guides
  • Productivity apps that benefit time management
  • Desk organization hacks to improve focus

Embrace inspiration by checking out these top YouTube Shorts creators who bring their unique talents and creativity to the world through entertaining and engaging content. Whether you're in search of new recipes, art techniques, or productive study habits, these content creators have something for everyone.

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