How to upload a short on youtube on pc

Article last updated on:
February 27, 2024

YouTube shorts have become increasingly popular as a way for creators to share short, engaging video content with their audience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to upload your very own short on YouTube from your PC. Whether you're an experienced YouTuber or just starting out, these easy-to-follow instructions will help you get your short online and reaching viewers in no time.

How to upload a short on youtube on pc

Getting Started: Preparing Your Video

Before you can upload your short on YouTube, you'll need to ensure your video meets certain criteria:

  1. Length: Shorts are videos that are 60 seconds or less in duration.
  3. Aspect ratio: Typically, shorts have a vertical aspect ratio (e.g., 9:16) for optimal viewing on mobile devices.
  5. Format: Videos should be saved in a supported file format such as MP4, MOV, or AVI.

If your video meets these requirements, you're ready to move on to uploading it. Not sure how to create a short? No worries – check out our article on How to Create Engaging YouTube Shorts for some helpful tips and inspiration.

Step 1: Sign In to Your YouTube Account

First things first - you'll need to sign in to your YouTube account from your laptop or desktop computer. If you don't already have an account, quickly set one up by following YouTube's guided setup process.

Step 2: Navigate to the YouTube Studio

Once you're signed in, you'll want to access the YouTube Studio, which is where you can manage your channel and its content. To do this:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. From the dropdown menu that appears, select "YouTube Studio."

You'll now be taken to the main dashboard of your YouTube Studio.

Step 3: Select 'Upload Videos' in the YouTube Studio Dashboard

In the top right corner of the YouTube Studio dashboard, click the button with a video camera icon labeled "Create" or, in some cases, just "+" sign. You'll see two options: "Upload videos" and "Go live." Choose "Upload videos" to proceed.

Step 4: Drag and Drop Your Video File, or Browse to Upload It

You'll now see the "Select files to upload" window. To upload your short, either:

  • Drag and drop your video file onto the window, or
  • Click the large gray box in the center of the screen, then browse your computer to locate and select your video file.

Your video will begin uploading automatically after you've selected it.

Tips for Faster Uploading:

If you're experiencing slow upload speeds, consider these tips for faster uploading:

  • Compress your video file: Use video editing software or an online tool to reduce your video's file size without significantly affecting quality.
  • Close other applications: Running multiple programs uses up bandwidth, potentially slowing down the upload process. Close any unnecessary apps while uploading.
  • Check your internet connection: Ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection for optimal uploading speeds.

Step 5: Enter Video Details and Settings

While your video is uploading, take this time to fill in important details about your short:

  1. Title: Give your short an engaging and relevant title that accurately describes its content. Keep it under 100 characters for best results.
  3. Description: Describe your short in more detail, including any necessary context or background information. Aim for at least 250 words for better search visibility. Include the word "short" or the hashtag "#Shorts" to help viewers (and YouTube's algorithms) recognize the video as a short.
  5. Thumbnail: Upload an eye-catching thumbnail image designed to grab viewers' attention and entice them to click on your video.
  7. Tags: Add relevant keywords related to your video's content. Proper use of tags can improve your video's chances of being discovered by potential viewers.

Additional Settings:

You also have the option to control additional settings such as comments, monetization, end screen, etc., but those are less critical when it comes to shorts and can be left as their default values if desired.

Step 6: Choose Your Visibility and Publish Your Short

Your final task before publishing your short is to choose its visibility setting. There are three options available:

  1. Public: Anyone can view your video, and it will appear on your channel and in search results.
  3. Unlisted: Your video won't appear on your channel or in search results, but anyone with the link can view it.
  5. Private: Only you and users you invite can view the video. It won't be visible on your channel or in search results.

Select the visibility setting that best suits your needs, then click "Save" to finalize your short's upload. Congratulations! You've successfully uploaded a short on YouTube using your PC. Give yourself a pat on the back and get ready to engage with your viewers as they discover your latest creation.

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