How to make shorts from existing youtube video

Article last updated on:
May 17, 2024

In the dynamic world of digital content, repurposing an existing YouTube video into crisp and engaging shorts can be a game-changer for both seasoned creators and novices alike. This strategy not only amplifies your reach but also breathes new life into previously published video materials.

Understanding the basics of YouTube shorts

YouTube shorts are brief videos that allow creators to capture fleeting yet impactful moments. These clips, typically up to 60 seconds long, offer a quick and entertaining way to engage with a mobile-first audience. Given their format, these snippets are perfect for conveying concise messages, showcasing highlights, or creating teasers for longer-form content. The essence is to deliver value promptly and appealingly.

Selecting compelling moments from your full-length video

The first crucial step in making shorts from an existing YouTube video is identifying the most captivating segments to feature. Here’s how you can spot potential goldmines within your longer videos:

  • Highlight key points: Skim through your full video and bookmark any pivotal insights, hilarious reactions, or visually stunning shots.
  • Analyze audience engagement: Leverage YouTube Analytics to see which parts of your video are getting the most attention. Peaks in viewership graphs are indicative of compelling content.
  • Audit comments: Look at viewer feedback on your video. Oftentimes, comments can point you directly to the most beloved or intriguing bits of your content.

By focusing on these rich segments, you ensure that your shorts contain the very best of what your followers have enjoyed.

Utilizing YouTube's built-in editor for crafting shorts

Morphing longer videos into succinct pieces involves a straightforward process using YouTube’s own suite of editing tools. Access this by heading to the library section of your account, and choose the video you wish to work on. Click the ‘Create’ button and select the ‘Shorts’ option to launch the editor.

In this space, use trim features to cut down to desired sections. Adjustments can often include tweaking the start and end points of your chosen clip, ensuring it flows seamlessly into a coherent short. Remember to pay close attention to transitions – abrupt changes can distract and detract from viewer immersion.

Use SendShort to speed-up the process

Sendshort is a tool entirely dedicated to reducing long videos into short content. The aim is to create several pieces of content from a single video. It's an automatic process, powered by AI, that really selects the best passages.

Enhancing visuals and audio within the YouTube studio

To make your shorts more appealing, consider enhancing the audio and visual elements:

  • Add music: Choose from the vast collection of royalty-free tracks provided by YouTube to complement your footage, setting the right tone and enhancing emotional impact.
  • Improve picture quality: Apply filters, adjust brightness and saturation, or even change aspect ratios to fit the mobile-centric frames better suited for shorts consumption.
  • Insert text and graphics: Annotations, stickers, and overlays can add context or highlight key messages, making your content stand out in a crowded feed.

These enhancements are pivotal in transforming plain video snippets into dynamic, eye-catching shorts that captivate viewers instantly.

Optimizing and posting your newly created short

Once your short is polished and ready, tailoring it for optimal performance starts with understanding your intended audience. This knowledge influences not just when but also how you post your content. Here are several suggestions to maximize your short’s visibility and effectiveness:

  • Timing matters: Post during peak hours where your analytics show higher viewer activity. This increases the likelihood of immediate views, contributing positively to engagement metrics.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags boost discoverability. Choose tags that are trending yet pertinent to your material.
  • Engage actively in the comment section: Promptly responding to comments and driving discussions around your posted short keeps the engagement thriving, encouraging more shares and views.

Remember, consistency is key. Regular postings keep your channel active and maintain ongoing dialogues with your audience.

Leveraging tools beyond YouTube for refined edits

While YouTube's native editor provides essential tools suitable for basic cuts and tweaks, sometimes you might need more advanced options. Third-party editing tools and software offer richer capabilities in terms of effects, transitions, and overall video quality enhancement. Some popular editors provide features like frame-by-frame cutting, multi-layer editing, and comprehensive color grading which can dramatically elevate the professional feel of your shorts.

Ultimately, transforming your existing YouTube videos into shorts helps perpetuate content cycles, reaching broader audiences with less effort while reinforcing your brand identity across platforms. With strategic segment selection, effective use of the platform’s editing interface, and expert enhancements, your channel can flourish, fueled by potent, bite-sized versions of your original creations.

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