Best time to post on TikTok

Article last updated on:
February 23, 2024

In a world where social media is king, creatives are always aiming for ways to engage their audience and create viral content. One such platform taking the internet by storm is TikTok - a fun, quirky, and addictive app that allows users to create and share short videos set to music. For influencers, brands, and content creators, it's essential to maximize the potential of every post, reach more people, and increase engagement. A crucial factor in achieving this feat is knowing when the best time to post on TikTok is.

Best time to post on TikTok

Why Timing Matters on TikTok

TikTok's algorithm takes various factors into consideration when deciding which posts to push to users' "For You" pages. Among these factors is how quickly a video receives engagement immediately after being posted. Videos with higher initial engagement rates are given priority and shown to larger, more diverse audiences.

The timing of your posts plays a significant role here; if you post during times with more active users, you'll see an automatic boost in engagement. By understanding when your target audience is most likely to be online and interacting with content, you can strategically plan your postings for maximum reach and impact.

Finding the Perfect Time Frame - Trial and Error

No two audiences are exactly alike, meaning there isn't a single definitive answer for the perfect posting time. However, through research, observation, and experimentation, you can find out what works best for you and your followers. Remember that it may take some time and tweaking, but once you've discovered the optimal time slot, you'll see the benefits in your metrics.

Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience and their general behaviors is crucial in finding the best time to post. You should be able to answer questions such as:

  • Where are my followers located? (Keep time zones in mind)
  • What age group do they belong to?
  • What times are they most likely to be active online or using TikTok?

By having a clear understanding of your target audience's characteristics, you can make informed decisions on ideal posting times.

Step 2: Monitor Your Analytics

Regularly checking your TikTok analytics will provide valuable insights into when your content performs best. Take note of :

  • Trends over time - look for patterns in engagement levels and user activity
  • The days of the week and specific hours where your posts excel
  • Any significant shifts due to external factors or noteworthy events

Analyzing these metrics will allow you to narrow down the best posting times for your unique audience.

Step 3: Experiment with Different Posting Times

Once you have a rough idea of suitable timeframes based on your audience and analytics, you can start testing various posting schedules. Consistently publish content during different hours or days, then track the performance of each video. Over time, you'll begin to see which time slots yield the best results. Keep refining this process until you're confident that you've found the right strategy for your success on TikTok.

A General Guide to Best Times for Posting on TikTok

In addition to the trial-and-error method mentioned above, there are some general guidelines proven to work well for many creators. While they may not be foolproof, these recommended times can be a helpful starting point if you're new to TikTok or have limited data to work with. Here are some great posting times for each day of the week:


  • 6 AM - 8 AM (early risers)
  • 12 PM - 2 PM (lunch breaks)
  • 7 PM - 9 PM (evening relaxation)


  • 2 AM - 4 AM (late-night social media users)
  • 10 AM - 1 PM (morning engagement)
  • 5 PM - 7 PM (weekday evening peak)


  • 7 AM - 9 AM (the midweek morning rush)
  • 11 AM - 1 PM (lunchtime browsing)
  • 8 PM - 10 PM (prime-time hours)


  • 9 AM - 11 AM (avoid early morning and lunch hour crossovers)
  • 12 PM - 2 PM (back to lunchtime success)
  • 6 PM - 8 PM (after-work engagement spike)


  • 10 AM - 12 PM (pre-weekend warm-up)
  • 3 PM - 5 PM (schools out for the weekend)
  • 8 PM - 10 PM ("Friyay" mode is in full swing)


  • 11 AM - 1 PM (lazy weekend mornings)
  • 4 PM - 6 PM (mid-afternoon lull relief)
  • 7 PM - 9 PM (weekend entertainment-seeking time)


  • 8 AM - 10 AM (early birds on a Sunday morning)
  • 2 PM - 5 PM (the perfect window for relaxing and scrolling)
  • 9 PM - 11 PM (ending the week on a high note)

Keep in mind that these times are not set in stone and should be adjusted based on your audience's traits and preferences. Don't hesitate to experiment, analyze results, and tweak as needed - all in the pursuit of finding the ultimate posting schedule for your TikTok success.

The Takeaway: Strategic Timing is Key

In conclusion, harnessing the power of knowing when to post on TikTok requires research, experimentation, and personalization. By understanding your target audience, monitoring your analytics, and testing different posting times, you'll uncover insights to maximize your TikTok performance. While general guidelines give you a starting point, always remember to adapt them to your unique audience and evolve your strategy as-needed to achieve successful and engaging content.

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